Now hosting a memorable service is superlative easy & totally undemanding.

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birthday party service

Deciding on the theme,  certainly decorations, even more activities makes the days leading up to the event seem like to party similarly of the celebration . If we decorate your probably elaborate-kids will be happy with a small as long as party they are made to feel special in our service above all Not only fancy, but they also create space around the entrance and help regulate happy.

Wedding service

Planning a wedding — whether big or small — can be extremely good in your services and well planned We sure to make note of all the guests who have food allergies or are vegetarian or vegan,” says Easton. Provide a list to yours certainly  we give them service of catering — your caterer most noteworthy will love you! Good lighting is the key to creating energy.

We can make certainly smaller space (and a packed room) can make your event feel bigger than it is above all be event best and the wifi should accessible easily to everyone. We like to list it on any event pamphlets, handouts, or signage.certainly Smell is an unconventional but impactful way to create the right atmosphere in an events make beautiful.

Digital Marketing servcie

We are a full-service Marketing Company that combines Offline Marketing with Digital Marketing. For years now, there has been a debate about whether to choose Offline Marketing or Online Marketing for the Brands’ Promotions. Experts have found it is always better to combine these two and we are supported by such experts and mentors, that’s why RJ service offers the combination of both the robust marketing methods.
We provide strategic digital marketing services throughout India including states like Maharashtra, Gujrat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and many more. Our Digital reach is not only limited to India but worldwide.

Google Ads – Outperform your Competitors

RJ service is one of the few marketing agencies that mix offline marketing with online promoting.

Content Marketing

I know how to draft website content that succinctly and cleverly hooks in consumers, providing them with pertinent information in a limited amount of words.

Display Advertising–Capture more with Image Ads

There are several names for “Display Ads” or, Image advertising, display Banner or GDN advertising, and therefore the list goes on. Display Advertising is advertising through visually designed banners, flash or maybe text that work the as specification space.

Remarketing –Bring them back

Remarketing is a good manner for advertisers to put rigorously crafted image ads back in front of their target market. 

Social Media Marketing –Time to get Social

RJ service is a distinctive social media shop, leading the means in India.

SEO –Long Last on Search Engines

If your website is not present on major search engines like Google, Bingand Yahoo, you are in trouble. 90% of Google searches won’t make it post the primary page.

Our Services

We pay the time to know you and your business intimately, put along a method that permits you to achieve your goals and is constructed around where your customers live and the way they act. We then work our digital solutions with an agile approach until we discover the correct channels that manufacture the best results.
We’ve worked with many different businesses over the years across most industries, have some of the highest minds in digital in our team spanning across all areas of digital marketing and love creating new success stories. No wastage, one-team, with a real result-oriented approach. Digital promoting is our passion and we’re here to assist light the path.

Content marketing

Let make content marketing to your way

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Digital Marketing

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